Nina Wolf


22 years of national and international experience in various fields such as five star hotel and catering industry, assistance to executive board members and general managers allows me to provide my clients with a very high level of customer service and support. I am looking forward to assist you with your business and private matters. 


Curriculum Vitae (PDF)




Leo Steiner

IBM Vice President (ret.)


To keep it short and simple: „No can do“ does not exist. 
This describes best, how Ms Wolf dealt with my day to day business, challenges and needs. My job required lots of travel and last minute changes in my range of functions were on the daily agenda. I could rely on Ms Wolf to manage given tasks always on time and in a professional way. She even got the nearly impossible done. 
Because of her positive and professional attitude it was a pleasure working with her.



Rüdiger Tesar

Managing Partner, MDI, Wien


As my PA Ms Wolf assisted me in my day to day business, organised my appointments and supported me in many other ways. She was professional, reliable and considerate at all times. I valued especially her travel arrangements as she thought about every little detail including taxi transfers as well as restaurant reservations for my business meetings. 
Ms Wolf treated partners and clients with respect, was friendly but also determined to handle each even sensitive situations with absolute discretion.
She self-initiated small company-internal projects, which she executed very structured and thoroughly thought through. Her reports and ideas helped to implement new procedures which benefited the company.



Alexander Schaupmann
Top Management, IBM, Wien


During my 20 years at IBM Nina was the best assistant I’ve ever had.


Andrea Osborne
CEO, cushion the impact, London, GB


While Nina worked for cushion the impact she undertook marketing and client work on behalf of the company and Personal Assistant work for me. I have always found Nina to be completely professional in her approach in both areas. She is able to deliver to tight deadlines, is conscientious and an excellent communicator.
Given that Nina was not working in her first language her communication skills were particularly impressive.
Nina was a welcome addition to cushion the impact and I have no hesitation in recommending her.



Sophie Denny
General Manager, Mason Rose, London, GB


Nina knows both by experience and instinct what is required for a job to be completed to the best of her abilities.
I cannot recommend Nina more highly. There is no one I have worked with whom I can rely on so completely to do exactly as she says she is going to do.


Patricia Jackson
Yield Management, Athenaeum Hotel & Apartments, London, GB


In her role, Nina proved to be very efficient and her attention to detail and communication skills shined through and help us to deliver a high 5 Star Service.
I have always found Nina to be dependable, dedicated and professional and someone who is always looking for new ways and ideas to meet the company’s objectives.
I considered her to be a valuable member of the team, who consistently achieved good results and delivered on expectations.